If you’re pregnant and notice a dark mole seemingly appear overnight, this could be a melanoma, but it could also be one of several types of benign tumors.

“Pregnancy is a state of immune suppression; therefore, pregnant women are slightly more susceptible to developing melanoma,” says Caroline A. Chang, MD, a board certified dermatologist and founder of the Rhode Island Dermatology Institute.

Vigilant Skin Exams Are Crucial During Pregnancy

During pregnancy you should examine your skin from head to toe once a month, and have someone inspect difficult-to-view areas.

“If a dark mole appears overnight during pregnancy then it warrants a visit to the dermatologist,” says Dr. Chang.

“Other causes of spots that mimic melanoma appearing on the skin overnight would be seborrheic keratoses, blood blister, angioma.”

“Make sure to see a dermatologist to properly diagnose and treat the new spot,” advises Dr. Chang.

Also keep in mind that the dark “mole” may have been there all along and you just had never noticed it before.

If a dark spot that resembles a mole appears overnight, it can also be what dermatologists call a hemorrhage. pregnant

This is a glorified term for a tiny scab. You may have no memory of the little trauma that caused the focal bleeding. dark mole

These tiny brown spots (dried blood) can appear anywhere, and they stick good to the skin until they’re ready to fall off (when the skin beneath is healed).

If one of these dark spots is located on your back, it will be impossible to view it close enough to tell that it’s a scab.

Rubbing it with a fingertip will not necessarily cause it to fall off if it’s not ready to fall off naturally.

So don’t let its stubbornness make you think it might be a melanoma.


Dr. Chang practices general and cosmetic dermatology, and has particular expertise in melanoma and the use of dermoscopy for mole monitoring.
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