Good news for those with stiff backs and legs who are wondering if they could benefit from or even try yoga!

Do not blow off yoga just because your back is as stiff as a plank of wood or because your legs feel like wooden sticks.

“I believe that yoga can certainly help with back and leg stiffness by increasing flexibility, strength and power,” says Dr. Tom Carpenter, corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer and chiropractor, inventor of Stand Corrected™, a portable harness-like stretching tool that helps alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain.

Stand Corrected™

Now if you ask a yoga instructor if this discipline could benefit someone with a stiff back and/or legs, of course they will tell you absolutely it will.

But Dr. Carpenter gives a more objective perspective, since he doesn’t run a yoga studio.

As a spine specialist, he continues, “Yoga utilizes both fast (type 2) and slow twitch (type 1) fibers to provide an effective overall workout, including a strengthening of the core muscles.

“I would also recommend being checked for proper spinal and pelvic alignment, as well as adding a strength and flexibility regimen using other types of resistance exercises, preferably guided by a professional trainer.

“It should also be considered that there are over 15 different types of yoga, so take time to choose the one that works best for you.”

Do not be discouraged by viewing images of people contorted like rubber in yoga poses. Do you really think they started out that way?

If you have a stiff back and legs, you do not need to strike super advanced poses in order to benefit from yoga.

In fact, the consistent practicing of the most basic poses (such as the warriors, downward dog and cobra) will improve the condition of your back and legs.

And that includes flexibility. You’ll also have fun doing yoga!

dr. carpenter

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Based upon 30+ years of experience, Dr. Carpenter’s practice approach reflects his belief that restoring optimum health and function will enable his patients to enjoy a much greater amount of vitality and wellness. Chiropractic care is true health care, not sick care!
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