Researchers finally know just how few cigarettes a day you can smoke and still not cause any harm to your body such as coronary artery disease.

So you already know that smoking is America’s biggest cause of preventable death (though some reports give the honors to obesity).

Few smokers actually go through only two or three cigarettes a day. Seems that the smallest amount of cigarettes smoked by the vast majority of smokers is half a pack.

Occasionally someone might say “four or five,” but does anybody smoke only ONE cigarette a day?

Certainly, such smokers exist. And surely, some of them really wonder if this will ultimately harm their health.

Of course, half a pack isn’t as harmful to health as a full pack, let alone two packs, a day.

New Study: One Cigarette a Day Is Still Enough to Significantly Raise Risk of Clogged Arteries

The British Medical Journal (January 2018) says just one cigarette a day increases the risk of coronary heart disease—and stroke—enough such that smokers should quit 100 percent. Not even one smoke a day.

Sure, the risk reduction, when compared to 20 cigarettes a day is less. But how much less?

The risk of developing heart disease and stroke is HALF as much as with 20 cigarettes a day. HALF. Gee, that’s still pretty bad.

The Study
• Professor Allan Hackshaw at the UCL Cancer Institute at University College London led the investigation.

• The results of 141 studies were analyzed including the relative risks for smoking one, five or 20 cigarettes a day.

The Results
• Men who puffed on only one cigarette a day had 46 percent of the increased risk for blocked arteries that men who smoked 20 cigarettes a day did. That’s about half of something really bad.

• The risk for stroke was 41 percent.

• Historically, researchers believed the risk to be only five percent.

• For women, it was 31 percent for heart disease and 34 percent for stroke when compared to women who smoked 20 cigarettes every day.

To put it succinctly, smoking just one cigarette a day is bad for the heart and blood.

One cigarette a day may seem like nothing. But 365 cigarettes a year means a lot to the body: a lot of bad things.

The British Medical Journal paper states: “No safe level of smoking exists for cardiovascular disease.”

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.  
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