Relentless lip picking is a habit of anxiety, as is nail biting.

However, people will usually notice lips a lot more than nails when they interact with you.

Lips that have been picked at a lot for years will noticeably show the effects of this compulsive behavior.

Frequent aggressive picking can make lips unsightly.

Finally you may want to end this habit once and for all.

But you’re wondering if it’s worth it, since it seems that your lips will never again look normal.

Well, don’t give up hope; your lips CAN look normal after years of picking at them.

“Lip skin, like all skin, regenerates and is constantly undergoing cellular turnover,” begins Estee Williams, MD, a board certified medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatologist and assistant clinical professor in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Dr. Williams continues, “After years of lip picking, there is a risk that the skin becomes chaffed, discolored and scar-like.

“Unless the picking causes bleeding, however, these changes should be reversible and eventually go away once the picking stops.

“If a person picks their skin to the point of bleeding or full sores, the chance of long-lasting scarring increases.”

Dr. Williams strives to be at the forefront of her field, being active in local, national and international medical and cosmetic dermatology conferences. 
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