If you’re wondering if cancer can ever cause what looks like black scabs on a cat’s face, the short answer is yes.

However – this is not a likely cause.

Anything that looks black and scabby on your cat’s face can immediately bring cancer to mind, since cancer on human skin is notorious for causing black or very dark and crusty lesions.

But the odds are very much in your cat’s favor that black scabs on the face are not being caused by cancer — depending on what they look like.

Black Scabs on Cat’s Face – Common Causes

“Acne is a problem for cats and humans alike,” begins world-renowned integrative veterinarian Carol Osborne, DVM, at Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic, and creator of PAAWS: Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System for dogs and cats.

Dr. Osborne continues, “Black scabs or spots can sometimes be caused by feline acne. Allergies are another common cause of black scabs; some cats are allergic to plastic food bowls.

“Remember, if your cat has had feline acne in the past then it’s very possible it can re-occur at some point.

“If you notice black scabs suddenly on your cat’s face, then have your vet check them out.

“The scabs may be nothing more than wounds from fighting with another cat, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


Dr. Osborne adds, “Cancer could cause such scabs, although it’s likely your cat would exhibit many other symptoms before the black scabs would show.”

The cat in the top image has a type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

If your cat has developed black, dark or any-other color scabs or crusting, ulcerating or oozing lesions on its face or elsewhere, do not ignore this any more than if they were appearing on your body.

For more information call Dr. Osborne’s clinic at (866)-372-2765.

Dr. Osborne is a world-renowned integrative veterinarian and a pioneer in anti-aging medicine and longevity research for pets. She holds dog and cat scientific patents.
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