Catheter removal after prostate cancer surgery can cause painful urination as well as pain even when sitting.

“Most of the time, bladder pain after catheter removal goes away relatively quickly, on the order of a few hours to a few days,” says Michael Herman, MD, director of urologic oncology at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, NY.

But there are exceptions to this rule.

Dr. Herman continues, “A little bit of burning can be caused by some irritation of the urethra itself.

“Other pain can be caused by the fact that the bladder also has to be moved and reconstructed during a prostatectomy.

“Very occasionally, bladder pain can be a sign of poor healing. If you have any questions, check with your surgeon.”

dr. hermanDr. Herman’s interests include reducing the over-diagnosis and over-treatment of prostate cancer by utilizing the latest biomarkers and imaging techniques. He is at the forefront of treatment and research of urologic cancers.
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