So are people busier than ever these days and that’s why they can’t find time to exercise? That’s a lot of hooey, that people today are busier than ever. 

Everything can be done with the touch of a button these days. You can lock all the doors in your house while sitting in a chair.

How is it that people are so busy in this day and age that they can’t find time to exercise? Yet this is a common mantra. It’s as false as can be.

Is there statistical evidence of this busyness? With fewer jobs available, how can people be busier than ever or “time starved”?

TIME STARVED? With all the technological gadgets that SAVE people time, how can anyone be time starved?

In this day and age of technology and being “connected,” we have MORE time than ever to exercise!

However, even those very busy people out there can find time to stick to exercise by incorporating a fabulous technique called high intensity interval training (HIIT). A 20-minute HIIT session will whip your butt. Twenty minutes. Everyone has 20 minutes.

If you don’t think you can spare 20 minutes three times a week for HIIT, ask yourself how easy it would be to find 20 minutes to count a stack of $50 bills if you knew that if you correctly counted a 5-foot-high stack every day, you’d get to keep the money.

You’d have no trouble finding a spare 20 minutes to carry out this task.

That’s because all that money is very important to you. If you place a high premium on cardiovascular exercise, the time to do it will seep out of the woodwork.

Another form of training is called burst training. This consists of one-minute, very high intensity bursts of cardio-based activity scattered throughout the day, up to 8-12 times.

As for strength training, 20 minutes spent wisely training with weights will go a long way in terms of firing up one’s metabolism, increasing strength, improving fitness and improving one’s physical appearance.

When exercise becomes important enough, even the busiest person will find time to do it.