Did your dog just swallow a plastic bag?

Don’t panic yet; here’s a simple way to make your dog pass the plastic bag right out of its system.

This happened to my sister’s dog, a black lab.

This black lab made the poor life choice of consuming a plastic shopping bag that must have come in contact with food stuff.

Sometimes things happen with dogs too quickly for their owners to intercept; before she knew it, my sister’s lab had eaten the plastic bag.

Once the bag had been consumed and was going through the process of digestion, the only solution was to speed up the process to ensure the indigestible item came out the other side without causing serious and potentially fatal bowel obstructions.

I’m not recommending you bypass taking your pet to an emergency vet clinic, but what if that’s not an immediate option?

What if this occurs after hours and there’s no nearby vet clinic open?

What if this occurs while there’s a snowstorm?

What if your car doesn’t start or is not available?

Oil Based Solution to Dog Eating a Plastic Bag

A tablespoon of vegetable or fish oil, mixed in with the dog’s food, assisted in this process.

On the morning the evidence of her wrongdoing arrived, she was struggling and straining in her morning movement.

The poor black lab made every attempt to move the plastic bag from her backside, but she required assistance to get it out.

Only a portion of the bag would come out, regardless of her straining.

After minutes of desperate trying, my sister assisted the dog in pulling out a significant portion of the plastic bag, but it wasn’t the complete item.

The remainder of the plastic shopping bag required ongoing use of vegetable or fish oil to assist the lab in passing the foreign items from her bowel.

As my sister’s husband suggested at the time, “Easy in, easy out!” my sister moved the item through the dog’s bowels as quickly as possible with the help of the oil’s lubricating effect.

So in the absence of a veterinarian’s help, you now have a potentially feasible solution that may help your dog pass a plastic bag that it just ate.

Nevertheless, don’t wait for this event to occur before you ask your veterinarian about this method.

Get a vet’s opinion first, and then do whatever it takes to keep plastic bags out of your dog’s mouth’s reach.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.