There’s a simple reason why light eyebrow hairs that are plucked have dark roots.

“The root or bulb of the follicular unit has the highest concentration of melanocytes,” says Kally Papantoniou, MD, FAAD, with Simply Dermatology in NY.

“These are the cells that produce pigment and contribute to the color of hair and skin.

“The hair shaft may be light in color, but the roots of the hair follicle will usually be darker.

“This is why lasers work for hair removal; they are targeting the darker pigment at the roots which destructs [sic] the germinal center and prevents further hair growth.

“This same principle is why laser hair removal is not successful in those with white hairs or very light blonde hair.”

Dr. Papantonioudr. kally is a board certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatology.
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