If you prefer to use liquid minoxidil, here’s a technique for avoiding dripping it into the eyes and getting that awful burning stinging.

This technique will work very well for those who wish to apply minoxidil to their temples.

Applying the liquid form here with the dropper and avoiding the liquid rolling down your temple and straight into your eye is exceedingly difficult.

My solution is to use an application that combines the liquid with the foam version.

If you use only the liquid minoxidil, then you’ll just have to accept that nearly every time, you’ll get it in your eyes, even if your head is tilted back so far that your temple is parallel to the floor.

In addition, you’re holding some cotton at your temple, below the cut-off point of application, to catch any runaway drops.

But just when you think all the runaway drops have stopped and it’s time to bring your head back to a normal angle…suddenly one or two shoot down your forehead and get into your eye.

So even extreme tilting and using cotton won’t stop this problem.

Put some of the foam on your fingertips and smear on the temple. The foam will not run, but make sure you shake the bottle good so that the foam is as foamy as possible. Otherwise it might be a little “liquidy.”

In fact, after putting some foam on your fingertips, waste no time applying it, because the foam quickly “melts” and will become runny.

Tilt head back (doesn’t have to be extreme) and quickly get that foam on the temples.

After you take care of the temples, you can then apply the liquid minoxidil further behind the area you just applied it, because beyond the temples (more receded back) is far enough away from the slope of your forehead that you don’t have to worry about runaway drops getting into your eyes.

But still take precaution! Keep head tilted back and keep that cotton ball in place.

There WILL be drops trickling down (unless you’re very sparing with the application), but because the application at this point is receded back further, the drops will take longer to trickle onto your forehead, giving you ample time to pat them away with the cotton.

After doing the first temple area, keep head tilted back for 30-45 seconds to wait for any delayed runaway drops. Then return head to normal angle—but don’t do anything yet.

Wait another 30 seconds; otherwise if you start the other temple too soon, a runaway drop may still make its way down the first temple and into your eye. Repeat the process for the second temple.

As for the hairline, you can also use the liquid minoxidil. Tilt head back and imbed the dropper into the hairline and lightly squirt while simultaneously moving it horizontally along the hairline.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.