Dr. Michael Perry, MD, says that drinking water is very crucial for recovering from a bulging disc.

A bulging disc also goes by the terms “herniated disc,” “lumbar herniation” and “lumbar pinched nerve.”

It is important to drink between eight to 10, 10-ounce glasses of water per day to maintain hydration,” says Dr. Michael Perry, MD, member of the North American Spine Society and American College of Sports Medicine.

“If you’re outside or working in a hot and humid environment, it is important to increase this volume before you start to work.

“It makes a significant difference when you consume more water before you become thirsty; that way your body never becomes dehydrated in the first place.

Why Water Is Important for Treating a Bulging Disc

“Maintaining hydration combined with decreased force on the spine when lying down can help the discs reabsorb some of this additional water,” says Dr. Perry.

“This isn’t proven, but it may help prevent further bulging or even make the existing bulging less significant.”

Consider plentiful daily water intake as part of your conservative treatment for your herniated disc.

How to Fit in Eight Glasses of Water a Day

• Every morning, fill a pitcher with at least 80 ounces of water. Hopefully you already know there are eight ounces in one cup.

• The pitcher will be your supply for the ensuing day and evening.

• Drink only from the pitcher for a very easy way to track your intake.

• Replace soda and sugary juices with the water.

• Make it a point to have a glass first thing in the morning before you do anything else.

• Tea, coffee, soda and alcohol do not count towards your water intake.

• If you can’t drink water unless it’s chilled, and you’re struggling to drink 80 ounces throughout the day, you should try room-temperature water, as the lack of chill should make it go down faster.

• Give this plan some time to work towards improving your bulging disc.

Dr. Perry is chief medical director and co-founder of USA Spine Care & Orthopedics, and is frequently sought out for his minimally invasive spine surgery expertise.
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