Are you thinking of applying Rogaine (minoxidil) throughout your entire scalp to combat diffuse hair loss?

Not all hair loss is the same. Some people suffer from it in a diffuse or scalp-wide way, rather than a focal point like the notorious “bald spot” on the top/back of the head or the receding hairline and temple balding.

How effective would Rogaine (minoxidil) be if you were to apply the foam ALL OVER your head or drip the liquid from the medicine dropper all over your scalp (though this would be very messy)?

“I have seen patients who tell me they do apply it throughout their entire scalp, but have seen very limited positive results in doing so,” says Dr. Robert Dorin, DO, NYC-based hair care expert and restoration specialist.

“It appears that the people who have a true diffuse hair loss pattern, are typically not helped by the use of Rogaine,” continues Dr. Dorin.

“This type of pattern tends to be resistant to the benefits of Rogaine and appears to have a different etiology.

“There are numerous types of hair loss, and unfortunately, Rogaine does not work for all equally.”

Have you tried Rogaine (minoxidil) yet?

This isn’t to say that for 100 percent of the people who try it all over their scalp, that it would fail to stimulate regrowth.

It’s definitely worth a shot. There’s no question in the medical community that minoxidil indeed spurs new hair growth in deactivated follicles.

For some people it works. For others it fails. You will not know which group you fall under UNTIL you give minoxidil a fair shake.

You just might love the results! But there’s a few catches.

Using Rogaine — or Minoxidil — on the Entire Scalp

Again, they are one and the same, from a chemical formula standpoint. The first catch is the price. Minoxidil is the generic version and far cheaper than Rogaine.

But using it on your entire scalp means you’ll go through the bottles pretty quickly.

If you don’t mind this new monthly expense, then give it at least four months to work — as the instructions tell you to.

The second catch is the drippy mess while using the medicine dropper.

If you’re using the drug on your whole scalp, you need to be patient and careful, and embrace the concept of trial and error to get it just right.

Foam minoxidil is not recommended for the whole scalp. Most of it will end up on your hair, not in your follicles. Stay with the liquid formula.

Dr. Dorin of True & Dorin provides creative hair loss solutions, including advanced hair transplant techniques and the latest in regrowth technology, to ensure that his clients achieve their desired results.
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