Don’t let the name fool you: Silly Farms hot chocolate mix (there are several varieties) is absolutely the best tasting hot chocolate mix you’ll ever find.

I discovered Silly Farms hot chocolate mix at Whole Foods one day, and was attracted to the glass milk jug bottle.

Of course, I’m smarter than to buy a product based on its packaging, but I’ll admit, the compact glass bottle was inviting, and the chocolate powder was visible. I couldn’t say no.

I’m glad I fell for the packaging gimmick because this hot chocolate was the best I had ever tasted in my entire chocoholic life. Silly Farms makes three hot chocolate flavors: “chocolate chocolate,” “chocolate mousse” and “chocolate marshmallow.”

I’ve tried only the first two (don’t care for marshmallows), and I don’t know if there’s any difference in taste, but Silly Farms is now No. 1 on my list as to who makes the best hot chocolate mix.

Now, here is what I do not understand: the ingredients. I have the ingredients tag for only the “chocolate chocolate,” but I’m sure that these ingredients are pretty similar to those of the other flavors.

The ingredients are as follows: natural cane sugar, Dutch processed cocoa (with alkalai), and natural vanilla powder.

That’s it. I expected a bunch of scary ingredients to make this product taste so good. So I’m stunned that this is all there is.

I assume that maybe the “natural vanilla powder” is what gives this product its kick, but the kick is a rich chocolate flavor. So I don’t know how anything vanilla can produce this result.

Now, get this: The stated serving size is only two teaspoons! Come on, who takes only two teaspoons for hot chocolate?

Silly Farms, like just about every food company out there, uses the gimmick of crazy-small serving sizes to create the illusion that the product isn’t that caloric or fattening.

Well, I can’t be fooled by this age-old trick. Two teaspoons of this wonderful powder is 80 calories. I use four TABLEspoons per 8 ounces of hot milk – and that’s a minimum.

Total fat in the two teaspoons is 1.5 grams. One of those grams is saturated. Total carbs is 17 grams. Dietary fiber is one gram, and sugar is 17 grams.

The time to be health conscious is not when you’re drinking hot chocolate. However, I am very pleased that Silly Farms doesn’t add soy to their product. That’s what I was worried about. Thank goodness it’s free of soy – at least according to the label.

The caveat with Silly Farms hot chocolate mix is the shape of the bottle. It looks great on the shelf, but in terms of practicality, it misses. The opening is very small, like a classic glass milk bottle, and the bottle gets wider towards the bottom.

My tablespoon will not fit into the opening. So I must pour the powder into my tablespoon to get the amount just right for my taste preference.

The powder often “sticks,” so what happens is that nothing comes out. I shake a little harder and wham, a pile plops out.

Thus, I must do this over a plate to catch the excess powder.

But this won’t stop me from buying the best hot chocolate mix in the world.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.