Prescription drugs only mask back pain; they do nothing to cure back pain.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, here are natural ways for back pain relief.

In most cases of chronic low back pain, the cause is bad posture. Low back treatment usually consists of painkiller drugs. But natural back pain remedies are the smart way to go.

Natural back pain relief is more applicable to the chronic lower back pain that results from incorrect biomechanics.

Say No to Drugs

It’s tempting to pop pills because they numb low back pain quickly, whereas natural treatment for back pain requires patience.

But you need to feel your back pain in order to know what movements aggravate it, and what you CAN do.

How will you know that your bad posture while sitting aggravates your back pain if you are numbed with drugs?

Set your sites on healing back pain, rather than drug-induced temporary back pain relief.

Most cases of chronic low back pain (and sometimes middle back) are caused by imposing forces on the low back muscles that they were not designed to absorb.

See your doctor for back pain resulting from acute trauma such as falling from a height or off a bike, or back pain that’s accompanied by tingling or numbness.

But again, most chronic back problems stem from mis-use of the low back muscles.

  • The muscles get out of whack
  • They get stiff and tight

This kind of back pain may hurt to high heaven, but does not involve slipped, bulging or ruptured discs, herniations or compressed nerves. The back pain is strictly muscular in nature; soft-tissue injury.

Back Pain Relief with Exercise

Consider hiring a fitness trainer who is knowledgeable of low back pain treatment through exercise programs.

Having been a personal trainer myself, certified through the American Council on Exercise, I know that there are personal trainers who specialize in many different areas — and rehab/injury recovery and prevention are a few of those specialties.

But even a prolific trainer with a general certification can help you naturally mitigate back pain from soft-tissue weakness and deconditioning.

Patiently executed back extension exercises will help heal low back problems. Three examples are below., yanalya


George Stepanek, CreativeCommons



So will deadlifts — but wait, before your mouth drops open at this suggestion — I do NOT mean deadlifts with a heavy barbell.

The deadlift motion can be done without any weights. Just position yourself and start moving for many reps.

Deadlifts with no weights can be challenging for the back pain sufferer. Depending on level of low back pain, the sufferer can do deadlifts while holding light dumbbells or a light barbell.

Shutterstock/Tyler Olson

There are many floor exercise routines that are great for chronic low back pain.

A fitness professional should be able to demonstrate several of these. The most popular low back pain exercise is the cat back or camel back.

Get on all fours and hunch your back like a cat does. Then reverse this position by arching it. Alternate this way for at least 15 reps.

Mattress Myths

A hard mattress might be what’s really doing your back in. It’s a myth that a soft mattress causes back pain.

A hard mattress causes the back to slightly hyperextend while the person is lying on his back.

Prolonged hyperextension will result in awakening with a lower back ache, and can cause or aggravate back pain.

A soft mattress that conforms to the curvature of your spine, while you are lying on your back, will prevent hyperextension.

The soft mattress will cause your lower back to stay in a slightly flexed position throughout sleep.

This slightly flexed position will keep the low back muscles slightly stretched, which means you will not awaken with that nagging back ache.

Lift with your legs, not back.

Finally, stop lifting with your low back. Keep low back arched whenever you lift something.

Place legs in a squat position and let your leg muscles do the lifting.

Keep torso upright as you stand up as you lift your kids, garbage, heavy potted plant, etc.

Do not lean over with your lower back to pick heavy things up.

Your back pain may just very well respond wonderfully to these natural treatments; drugs (and surgery) should be a last resort.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained clients of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



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