A plastic surgeon offers advice about a hard nose tip after a rhinoplasty…

It’s common for the tip of the nose to be hard after a rhinoplasty.

This is normal, and its occurrence depends on “what procedure was done, whether it was grafting, sutures to bring the tip together, all of which can lead to scar, and it takes 1-2 years for any scar to soften up,” says Allen Gabriel, MD, board certified plastic surgeon with PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, WA.

Why does the end get hard after a rhinoplasty?

“The firmness of the tip allows for stabilization of the tip until the scar matures and softens.

“Generally, it is not recommended to massage the area aggressively, as it can displace and deform the tip.

“After the splint removal, swelling can persist for months, and one has to remain patient throughout the healing phase which can last up to one year.”

Dr. Gabriel is adept at addressing a wide range of concerns, from breast reconstruction after mastectomy and the treatment of congenital anomalies, to complex facial and breast surgeries performed solely for cosmetic improvement.
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