Why can’t ALS patients feel their tongue twitching? 

Did you know that if you can feel your tongue twitching, this is not a symptom of ALS?

That’s because people with this neurological disease cannot, ever, feel their tongue twitching. Learn more about this.

What ALS tongue twitching really looks like

When you realize what this actually looks like, you’ll probably be overcome with a ton of relief, because, though the tongue in general is “icky” to look at, the twitching tongue of someone with ALS is in a league of its own. Read more…

How to tell the difference between perceived weakness and ALS weakness.

I once read of a man who couldn’t help wonder if he had ALS, even though he was bench pressing 500 pounds.

Though the weakness has to begin from some point, there actually are big differences between benign weakness that one might experience from stress, fatigue or overactive imagination, and pathological weakness. Learn more.

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Top image: Shutterstock/pathdoc