Are you flustered over all those tiny red bumps on your neck and wondering what’s been causing them? 

If you have a situation on your neck that can be described as “tiny” or “small red bumps,” this has several possible causes.

“Bumps on the neck are often caused by ingrown hairs resulting from having the neck or head shaved,” says Glenn Kolansky, MD, with Advanced Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center of NJ.

Continues Dr. Kolansky, “This is especially common in patients with curly or coarse hair that grows under the skin.

“Treatment options include topical antibacterial agents and prescription cortisone to decrease the inflammation.  The best treatment is to stop shaving the areas involved.”

If you must shave the affected area, make sure that it is thoroughly moisturized first with a cream or shaving gel, and make sure that it isn’t the shaving medium that’s causing an allergic reaction.

Experiment with different brands, and then shave as gently as possible with a clean new blade.

Other causes of little red bumps on your neck

Two more possibilities are bacterial or fungal. Bacteria can build up as a result of carbuncles, boils and acne.

Treatment is antibiotic creams and in more severe cases, laser, draining or surgery.

Another possible cause is a fungal infection. There will also be itching and likely discoloration. Topical anti-fungal creams are the treatment.

Let’s not forget that contact dermatitis can cause little red bumps on the neck.

This condition can be triggered by irritants or allergens like cosmetics, strong soap, chemicals and even clothes.

Treatment is corticosteroids, antihistamines and of course, removing the offending agent.

Dr. Kolanskydr. kolansky has received the Physician of Hope Award presented by the American Cancer Society and has lectured at local and national meetings.
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