A plastic surgeon explains what works best to medically make lips plumper and fuller.

There’s more than one way to make lips plumper and fuller medically, but is one particular way the best?

To find out I consulted with Allen Gabriel, MD, board certified plastic surgeon with PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, WA.

Let’s face it: Plump, full lips are a draw. Name one female movie star who didn’t have a good set of lips.

Women who star in TV shows that involve a lot of close-up shots while they speak almost always have well-endowed lips (“Alias,” anyone? How about “King of Queens”?)

Best Way to Get Plumper Lips Medically

“Medically ‘plumping’ up lips includes creating a fuller and plumper lip (upper and lower) and reducing fine lines around the mouth,” says Dr. Gabriel.

“Injections of collagen or hyaluronic acid can achieve this with varying lasting results,” — three months for collagen and nine months for hyaluronic.

“Additional procedures with implantable products and fat injections can also be done, and these are longer lasting to permanent, but not necessarily the best options as it can lead to unnatural feel of the lip.”

If you want to medically plump your lips, consider the temporary method first.

“When fillers are used for lip plumping one can assess its results and decide if this is something they would like to pursue since the results are temporary,” says Dr. Gabriel.

“If happy with results, discussion of longer lasting procedures should take place with your board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.” plump lips