There’s the case of a woman who didn’t learn she had genetic LQTS till age 82, yet had never suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

How do people live this long with untreated genetic long QT syndrome, while others suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest at a very early age?

“There are numerous genes that can cause long QT syndrome,” says Paul Rogers, MD, PhD (Medical Director, Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic, Ochsner Health System).

Dr. Rogers continues, “However, the majority are accounted for by three different genes causing long QT syndromes (LQTS) 1, 2 and 3.

“Some people are more affected by the mutation than others, a term in genetics called incomplete penetrance.

“In addition to the genetic mutation there are other factors that may influence whether someone develops symptoms like age, gender, the type of genetic mutation, and environmental factors.

“Generally speaking, adults with LQTS who have not had clinical symptoms yet, such as passing-out spells, or have survived sudden cardiac death, have continued but diminishing risk of sudden death from LQTS as they age.”

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