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Angie J. of “600 Pound Life” Makes Jeanne Look Like an Angel

Just when you thought Jeanne took the cake (no pun intended) for the Nasty Award on “My 600 Pound Life,” Angie J. comes along & makes mincemeat out of her. Poor Daisy, Angie Johns’ granddaughter. Read more...

Trouble Swallowing from Esophageal Cancer vs. ALS

Here is a detailed comparison by a surgeon between trouble swallowing from esophageal cancer compared to ALS. If a person’s health anxiety is tuned more into esophageal cancer, he or she might start suspecting this Read more...

How Might Chronic Heart Failure Affect the Liver?

Patients with chronic heart failure often have insufficient renal function, thanks to reduced blood flow. But what about liver dysfunction resulting from the reduced blood flow? Read more…

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