There’s a big difference between teaching your child self-love and teaching her to like the excess fat in her body.

A chubby six-year-old’s mother has taught her to like her fat.

We all have fat, but too much of it is not good, and a young child should not have an excessive amount in her body.

  • If she does, then don’t panic or shame her.
  • But at the same time, don’t encourage her to think it’s fine and dandy, either.

The young child’s mother is a bopo influencer with 196,000 Instagram followers at the time of this article posting.

This very large bopo influencer, who regularly posts images of herself wearing a bikini at a beach, routinely posts about how exercise should never be scheduled, to eat junk food without concern, and that exercising to burn calories means you don’t love yourself.

This influencer posts images of her daughter in bikini poses and videos of her “dancing” and shimmying about with barely any clothes on.

Her brainwashed, vulnerable followers have praised this woman for being an amazing mother.

Young Child Is Being Taught by Her Mom to Like Being Fat

Kids can be taught to like themselves without being told it’s okay to be overweight.

Children should be encouraged to make healthy food choices and get plenty of exercise, not flaunt belly rolls and cellulite on social media – like this woman has her child do. Yes, the little girl has cellulite.

Mama really crossed the line when she posted the conversation she and her child allegedly had about a Nutrisystem TV commercial.

The child asked why so many people want to lose a lot of weight.

Mama posted that she told her daughter that many people have been taught to think that losing weight is their only way to be happy.

To be fair, there are individuals who believe they can’t be happy unless they lose weight.

But a significant number of overweight women and men want to trim down for many reasons unrelated to happiness.

• Improve cardiovascular health
• Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
• Eliminate body aches and pains
• Keep up with their kids or grandkids
• Be able to do housework, yard work and other basic activities without huffing and puffing
• Improve sports performance
• Look better

This “self-love expert,” as she calls herself, is brainwashing her child and gullible adult fans who think she’s an inspiration for owning over 40 bikinis.

Mama then posted that her young child replied: “I don’t want to lose any weight because I like the way I am right now. I like being fat.”

She didn’t come to think this way on her own. Her mother regularly posts that she frequently has body positivity chats with her daughter – to the tune of, “It’s okay to have a lot of fat.”

We all want our kids to be self-confident and happy.

But teaching children – whose minds are so impressionable and malleable — to think it’s okay to be fat is just plain reckless.

This paves the way for potentially serious problems down the road:

• Type 2 diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Inability to effectively play, let alone excel in, sports (save for wrestling, judo, weightlifting and bowling)
• Bullying issues at school

This is a dangerous path that can lead to a significant level of obesity by the time she’s 12.

Her mother’s closing comment was that “People are perfect just the way they are.”

No, people are NOT perfect just the way they are. There’s no such thing as a perfect person, and kids should not be taught this.

There’s perfection in a skill, but not in a person.

Being physically fit and not overweight is not perfection. It’s the result of healthy lifestyle choices. Do not be afraid of causing an eating disorder when you encourage your daughter to exercise, play sports and make healthy food choices.

The endless bikini poses by both mother and daughter are teaching the child that her body can be an ornament even if it’s fat.

We need to end this objectification of women by the bopo movement. It’s now including young girls.

Kids Should Have High Self-Esteem

But achieving this does not require teaching them that excess body fat is perfectly okay.

We should never shame kids’ bodies, but apparently, Mama and her dazed admirers equate the promotion of a healthy, fit and lean lifestyle with body shaming and encouraging anorexia nervosa. They can’t tell the difference.

The cause of anorexia or bulimia nervosa is multifactorial, but limiting junk food and signing girls and boys up for karate lessons are not among the contributors.