Women should strength train a certain way for major fat burning, and this technique will surprise you.

So how should women strength train for major fat loss?

I’m a former personal trainer, and when I’d tell my women clients about how they should lift weights for big fat loss, they react with surprise.

It’s a simple technique, really; nothing fancy or complicated. Women should strength train heavy for significant fat loss.

You can’t get simpler than that: Strength train heavy for substantial fat loss. However, this doesn’t mean you should just prance into a gym and try picking the 50 pound dumbbells off the rack.

Let’s take a look at your current strength training program.

  • Have you noticed much fat loss?
  • Has the scale budged at all?
  • Or do you still see rolls in your stomach that you can grab onto with your entire hand? Still can’t fit into those jeans?
  • Are you still clueless over the shape of your legs because so much hefty chub covers them?
  • Are you still unable to fit into those clothes that you’ve set aside for when major fat loss finally becomes reality?

Nothing much has changed, despite all that strength training. It’s because you have not been lifting heavy enough.

Major fat loss will result when a woman strength trains heavy.

This assumes you won’t go overboard with the amount of food you eat. A heavy strength training session doesn’t mean you should head to Pizza Hut right after and pork out.

Women who strength train heavy will not automatically bulk up, but will enjoy amazing fat loss, a tighter body and loss of cellulite.

How often do you see bulked-up women at your health club or gym? I don’t mean overweight, full-figured or obese.

There are plenty of those. And you may be one of them – perhaps a size 18, even – yet afraid to lift heavy because you think it will “bulk” you up.

A size 18 woman who embarks on a heavy weight lifting program, and supports this with sensible eating habits, will drop dress and pant sizes, because she will become smaller – fatty areas will begin disappearing – the same fatness that’s been hounding you for years and years.

A heavy strength training program will chase your belly and thigh fat out of town: stunning fat loss will be the result.


Stop believing that you were never meant to be lean!

Don’t believe the naysayers who tell you some women were “meant to be big.” Lift weights, and lift hard!

Hard and intense will melt off the fat. You CAN do it! Don’t let “body positive” campaigners have you believing otherwise.

You know deep down inside you want that lean, toned, fast physique. I’m not talking scrawny and weak looking, but strong and lean.

Look at the woman above performing the deadlift — which burns a lot of fat.

Is she scrawny and like a Barbie doll? No way. But do you see any excess pudge on her? No way. “Strong is the new skinny!”

If a woman strength trains hard, heavy and intense (with sensible eating habits), the fat will go away.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



Top image: Freepik.com/ Yanalya